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Women's Shoes Made To Order

Made to Order, meaning we make each pair individually, according to your choices of style, color, and leather. Prices vary based on final selections. Sizing is standard. If required, we can send a pair of fit samples to confirm size. 

Once all details are confirmed (price, style, size, etc), we will start the made to order process. This generally takes 6-9 weeks to complete. We will keep you updated throughout the entire process and will send a confirmation before shoes are shipped. 

Should you not be entirely sure of what style you are looking for, we will send you our Made to Order catalog to get your creative juices flowing. If you typically do not fit standard shoe sizing, we offer a Full Custom service. This requires an in-person fitting and consultation. 

All Made to Order And Full Custom Products are Final Sale. 

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Red Julie Women's Made To Order Shoe
CE Women's Made To Order White Boot
Derbey Made To Order Women's Shoe
Lisa Women's Made To Order Boot
Ireland Women's Brown Made To Order Shoe
Utip Gray Women's Made To Order Shoe
White Jill Women's Made To Order Shoe
Dana Made To Order Women's Boot
Hope Women's Made To Order Shoe
Liz Women's Made To Order Shoe
Vanas Women's Made To Order Shoe
Captoe - Women - 32
Waris - Women - 27
Women's Made To Order Brown Grace Shoe
Jett Women's Made To Order Shoe