Print-obsessed fashion editors likely miss the days of Gregory Parkinson’s ready-to-wear collections, which quietly ceased production in 2015. We remember his party dresses and daytime frocks for their mood-enhancing prints (often mixed together), custom textiles, and hand-finished details—and they look exactly, uncannily, like the dresses we wish we were wearing this summer. You can’t walk down the halls of Vogue HQ without seeing at least one girl in a vibrant floral dress, and Parkinson’s made a singular statement. (You can find a few of his dresses on The RealReal and eBay, but I’ve yet to see this Resort 2014 look; hit me up if you do.)

These days, Parkinson channels his passion for prints and textiles into a successful home range. In lieu of his former watercolor florals, his new obsession is Indian block printing: He works with a team of artisans in Calcutta to make every piece by hand, so each is one of a kind. For those unfamiliar with the technique, it’s somewhat self-explanatory. Large wooden blocks are hand-carved with specific designs, dipped into dyes, and stamped onto cotton, canvas, or silk row by row to create a repeat pattern. (Experts do it with razor-sharp precision, but in India, they embrace tiny imperfections because they reveal the hand.)

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